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Software Development

  • Percentage100%

SQL Server

  • Percentage99%

Website Development

  • Percentage90%

Angular JS

  • Percentage85%

Welcome to Coder INN

About Us

Coder INN is one of the leading software house in Pakistan. We built technology solutions that help peoples & companies to have better command on their business which helps them enhancing their business. Business Research disclose that all business which are using software solutions will get more ROI (Return on Investment). Coder INN provides custom software development, website development, quality assurance, database administration, Printing services, seo services,professional IT trainings and many more.

Our Products

We have many products which includes Distribution Management System (DMS), School management System (eMaqtab), Warehouse Management System (WMS) , Point of Sale System (POS) , Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) , Accounts Management System , Attendance Management System. Our software solutions reduce your work burden by atomizing the work process.

Social Welfare

We also provide free software solutions to non-profit organizations (NGO’s). We provide dedicated support to our valuable clients which consist of following three steps.

  • Point of Sale ( POS ) Product Definition Page
  • Barcode
  • Distributions DMS
  • eMaqtab Dashboard
  • Magna International Inc
  • Ombudsman Punjab
  • Genoforms
  • Baby N BABAS
  • Wasil Foundation
  • Access Industries Coderinn
  • Citropak

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